More than a decade ago, my family, friends, and I were reaching milestones that were worth celebrating. At that time though, none of us really knew where to look for venues or other event spaces in Atlanta that could accommodate large celebrations. I remember my sister’s engagement party was at a community center. It was a great space that fit our needs but it didn’t reflect the vision that I had for my sister’s special moment.

For my baby shower, my sister booked a small room at a restaurant around the corner. It felt great to walk into that space and be able to celebrate. The baby shower was intimate but the event space made me feel special. This major milestone made me realize that there Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to affordable event space. However, the lack of information about local businesses was evident based on personal experience. 

Venue Vine–a directory of local businesses with event space– was launched to establish a supportive community and promote affordable event space, whether small or big, in metro Atlanta. At Venue Vine, we understand the need to promote local businesses in an industry that is centered around people making meaningful connections. Similar to the community that we serve, Venue Vine aims for heart, service, style, and personality when working with each and every event space. 

If Venue Vine sounds interesting, I encourage you to join the community, stay in touch, and witness progress. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

 Warm regards,


Founder of Venue Vine